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Whatever size is your organisation, we have the expertise to make the most of your on hold time.

Fully managed service

We offer fully managed on hold service that is a complete one stop solution. Messages are automatically uploaded to your telephone system and played back to callers on a scheduled basis.

On demand service

This service allows you to select your on hold music from preloaded tracks on the digital playback unit or upload new recordings by connecting the device to the USB port on a PC.

Proven ways to deliver higher rates of customer satisfaction.

Great first impression

Create a professional image ensuring callers are welcomed and connected in the most efficient manner.

Professional greeting

Clear professional auto-attendant messages help to manage caller’s expectations and create a clear call rout. It ensures that your customer’s enquiries are properly directed at any time.

Effective marketing

By keeping callers engaged and informed, on hold messages work to improve standards of service, increase enquiries and strengthen customer loyalty. This is a cost effective marketing tool when compared with traditional advertising.

Professional voice over artists

Professional voice over artists

Choose from ten professional voice over artist categories to match your caller profile. Range of young and mature voice over artists that are commonly heard on local and national TV and Radio.

Copyright free music on hold

Select your preferred music track from a list of over 100 + copyright free music tracks that are categorised into 10 different genres to ensure you create the right mood and impression for your customers on hold message.

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