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Call recording

This critical applications that records inbound and outbound call can be used in all tyoes of businesses, such as banks or various service providers.

Call reporting

innovaphone call reporting tool provides the perfest way to evaluate your organisations calling patterns in real tume.

Queue monitor

You can use the intelligent waiting queue with automatic call distribution. This solution enables several waiting queues to be set up with no registration, therefore it does not need a port license.

Fax server

Even if some people think: why do you actually still need a fax machine these days? Some processes really need a fax and there is no way around them - whether in legal matters, orders, new orders etc. A signed fax with the company stamp has more validity than an informal email in these cases.


Communication can take place with several people across different countries or locations without expensive and time-consuming meetings and business trips. A simple three-party conference is easy with the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system  and can be undertaken with any IP phone.

Operator console

This is a modern computer based switchboard that can access queues on the innovaphone PBX and transfer call as needed across multiple sites. The intuitive interface enables convenient call management and provides a quick overview of incoming, outgoing, parked and forwarded calls as well as calls in waiting in the queue.