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Highly cost effective

Find a great saving potential in through optimizing operational processes and efficiency

10 reasons why companies save costs by using the innovaphone IP telephone and UC solution

There is great saving potential to be gained from the innovaphone IP telephone and Unified Communications solution - direct costs, for example, telephone, travel and maintenance costs, and indirect costs such as through optimizing operational processes and more efficient working.

1. Lean solution

The innovaphone PBX is characterised by its lean product architecture and its robust construction. Generously dimensioned components and lean software structures ensure it is very powerful. The hardware needs absolutely no moving parts, such as hard disks or fans. There is also no necessity for extensive operating systems such as Windows or Linux. Thus the IP telephone and UC solution by innovaphone requires minimal maintenance.

2. The power-saving system

The innovaphone PBX components are made of durable stainless steel, disperse heat well and therefore do not need energy intensive fans or other fragile moving parts. All components are optimized in terms of power consumption and are PoE capable (power over Ethernet). Thus, all innovaphone devices can be supplied with power via Ethernet cables.

3. A smooth introduction

When an innovaphone PBX is introduced as a new PBX and UC solution, there is no need to change everything all at once. This allows for a gradual transition to IP telephony. The existing infrastructure initially stays in place, and the changeover is adopted on a step-by-step basis. The customer determines the speed of the migration. This way, the investment costs for IP telephony and Unified Communications are spread across a longer time period and existing maintenance contracts are not suddenly rendered worthless.

4. The central system has everything under control

The innovaphone IP PBX and UC solution can be managed centrally - also across multiple sites - which ultimately leads to a considerable reduction in costs. Individual UC applications for each user can easily be enabled, installed and managed on the central PBX. On-site installation is not required.

5. Infinitely scalable

Any number and all variations of the innovaphone PBX can be combined - thus the innovaphone PBX never comes up against capacity limits. Even, if you start with the smallest hardware version, the innovaphone PBX can still grow flexibly with the company. Almost an unlimited number of subscribers and sites can be added. Because the same software also runs on the smallest hardware components, individual applications can be added later for each user as needs change, for example, Video Telephony or Application sharing.

6. High-tech

The extreme user-friendliness of the innovaphone PBX stands out. The user interface of the innovaphone PBX always stays the same no matter whether it is directed at users or administrators, small branch offices or large enterprise environments. The entire hardware consists only of a "box", which houses all of the functions. Thanks to the absence of a server and a respective operating system, hardly any training is necessary to be able to manage an innovaphone PBX by oneself.

7. Communication without limits

Teams who are dispersed geographically and who need to cooperate effectively across the boundaries of time, space and organizational structures benefit enormously from the advantages of a Unified Communications solution. Video, Conferencing, Chat, Application Sharing and retrieving Presence information from a variety of sources allow limitless communication over long distances. This saves time and goes easy on staff resources. The integration of mobile devices also enables mobile end devices to use the features of the VoIP phone system when on the road.

8. Optimal calling fees

The innovaphone IP telephone system and UC solution allows companies to choose freely between various connections. Whether SIP, ISDN, analogue or mobile - all possible variants are conceivable also in combination. As a result, the customer can benefit from favourable tariffs and is free to choose the best offer. For example, internal telephone calls are often free of charge.

9. Rent it or rent it out

The innovaphone PBX no longer has to be installed in your own company environment. A cloud solution allows for a drastic reduction in investment costs for end users. The IP telephone system and UC solution in the cloud is a stable and inexpensive alternative to buying a communication system, particularly for companies with a flexible number of staff, continuously changing branch offices or other dynamic structures. In addition, with its Virtual Appliance (IPVA), the innovaphone PBX offers a particularly good start for companies that want to offer their customers a PBX Hosting service.

10. Much lower travel costs

Video conferencing establishes a face-to-face situation, often eliminating the need for business travel. The innovaphone Application Sharing enables simultaneous access to a common document for staff members who are separated geographically - start with a simple mouse click. This secures the quality of communication while at the same time saving considerable travel costs.

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