Nista VAIP

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This one-button, door access control system offers a revolutionary new design concept that incorporates a backward facing speaker where the sound is ported to sound vents on the side of the unit.

Suitable if you want visitors to easily get in touch with a member of staff.

IP systems combine various functionalities for richer, more integrated communications in one converged IP network.

This system is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

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Touch sensitive

The unit is machined out of a solid block of aluminium and supports touch sensitive Piezo technology.

Day and night mode

The unit supports day and night mode that allows you to divert all incoming door calls directly to any predefined number.

Hidden speaker

The unit supports a rear facing speaker with porting holes.

Password protected

The unit is password protected to prevent access to the unit's programming and configuration.

Easy to program

The unit is user programmable via a web based graphical user interface (GUI).

Lock release

The unit can be connected to lock release mechanisms/gates to control access via the telephone handset using DTMF tones.


Signalling protocol



Power requirements - POE+ (Injector required)
Release contacts - Relay NO/NC
Communication - VoIP (Ethernet)


Button format - Touch sensitive black bell sign
Number of ring buttons - 1

Mechanical properties

Dimensions - 182x95x33 mm
Construction - Cast alloy body with aluminium front
Mount style - Surface


Microphone - 1 inbuilt bottom mounted
Speaker - Rear mounted