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Uninterruptable power supplies

Improve your data security and business continuity

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Continue to operate during power outages

UPS’s offer instant power to your key equipment when mains power fails, saving costs due to wasted downtime.

Help your organisation gain industry accreditations

Business continuity and data security are key to all organisations and are important both from an operational and customer confidence perspective. Our UPS ‘s are able to assist in the protection of data and help you to continue to operate and so form a key part in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning.

Protect your sensitive equipment

Our UPS range offers online double conversion technology which ensures stable and uninterrupted power is supplied to sensitive equipment in the event of a power failure or power fluctuation.


Specify how long you wish to remain protected

The UPS Enterprise and Enterprise Plus range allow you to add expandable battery packs to ensure business continuity target times can be achieved in the event of a power failure.

Protect valuable data

Many organisations rely on databases to ensure their operations run smoothly. Sudden power surges or failures can corrupt databases and risk the loss of valuable data. Our UPS range can monitor power and in the event of a failure send single or multiple hibernate commands to Windows-based/SQL servers to ensure a controlled power-down sequence is performed.

Select a form factor to suit your IT environment

UPS Lite and Enterprise ranges are available in both rack and tower formats and are a shallow rack depth design (excludes Enterprise Plus which is rack mount only) that will allow them to fit into 600.00 mm deep cabinets.


UPS Lite range

This solution offers a simple level of protection in both rack and tower formats that are line interactive, true sinewave output units that also offer voltage stabilisation for simple and cost-sensitive scenarios.


UPS Enterprise range

UPS Enterprise is a scalable, high quality, double conversion true sinewave solution available in a multipurpose rack / tower format in 1 and 3 KVA options with optional battery expansion units.

The UPS Enterprise Plus range offers 6 and 10 KVA controllers with base battery packs. Both solutions support an optional communications card to allow the controlled power down of multiple devices