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Voice Recorder Enterprise

This advanced and scalable solution is ideal for the biggest businesses.

Solution that will enable you to improve and secure business efficiency and communication.


Simple user interface allows easy access to recorded calls using the convenient search criteria and easy to navigate layout.


Search criteria as standard allows users to search via date, time, incoming and outgoing number, remark, department, agent name and extension number.

Multiple client option

The system supports multiple user access levels.

Session protocol

Allows to determine which users can have access to specific recordings and what activity users have performed whilst logged on.

Network operation

This voice recorder supports retrieval and playback of calls via any LAN configured PC.

Live monitor client

For authorised users there is a live monitor client that allows for real time listening of calls. This is ideally suited to staff training.

Line support

Line interface devices that support connection to Analogue, ISDN 2, ISDN 30e and IP extensions.


Historical recordings can be archived for longer term storage.

Real time monitoring

The system can be configured to monitor the performance in real time and send system malfunction alerts to system administrators as part of a our maintenance plan.

Continual supervision

RTMS monitors the system and is designed to create periodic standard reports.

Automated system maintenance

RTMS can be configured to perform regular scheduled operations such as database re-indexing and backups.

Server hardware options

Voice Recorder Enterprise can be supplied in rack or tower versions as required with multiple hard drives for resilience.