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Voice recorder Lite

This is a versatile call recording solution that works on any telephone system and connects to ISDN2, ISDN30 and SIP trunks.

Enables you to encrypt calls, obtain call statistics and assist you gain PCI compliance.


Simple user interface allows easy access to recorded calls using the convenient search criteria and easy to navigate layout.


Search criteria as standard allows you to search via date, time, incoming and outgoing number. Additionally you can upgrade to search by remark, department, agent name or extension number.

Network operation

The unit supports retrieval and playback of calls via any LAN configured PC.

Live monitor client

You can set up a live monitor client for authorised users that allows real time listening of calls. This is ideally suited to staff training.

Universal line support

Supports connection to Analogue, ISDN 2, ISDN 30e and SIP trunks.


Minimum PC specification required : W7 / W10 Pro, 4GB RAM, +500GB HDD, USB 2.0, Windows Media Player 9.0+.