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Call recording on Yeastar S-series VoIP PBX

It’s easy, reliable and included

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX can be set up to automatically detect every conversation made on your phone. You can record all inbound and outbound calls free without extra charges.

Easy to use

The Yeastar S-Series PBX supports auto recording for an established call. You don’t need to do anything. It’s all automatic. Of course, you can decide which calls to record. Filter with trunks, extensions and conferences. The S-Series also support one touch recording.


Informing customers that calls are being recorded for quality purposes will give them peace of mind that they’re being taken care of. The S-Series call recording features optional voice prompts to notify the calling party that the call is being recorded. This can be extended to include internal as well as external calls as required. 

Flexible storage

The Yeastar S-Series supports external storage TF/SD card and hard disk, so you can configure where to store recording files. On the Web GUI, you can also play back the recording or choose an extension to play back.

Convenient to manage

All recordings are saved and archived methodically on the system. You can check recordings on the CDR and recording centre. You can organise your files by time, call from/to, call duration, status, trunk or communication type, etc. If you want, you can play the recording file online or download.

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